A Finder tag manager for Mac.

Managing your files got a lot easier and faster. Taggy Tagger can automatically tag and move files for you. Simply drag and drop a folder from Finder and select the tags you want to be added. That's it. Now, watch them appear and trigger actions whenever you add files to that folder. No need for complex rules or scripts. Just a switch.

Rule Editor

File tagging becomes magical.

Taggy Tagger is a powerful, beautiful and easy to use tag manager designed for Mac. It comes with everything you need to automate file tagging. Whether you need to tag a large number of files or replace tags in folders recursively, it has never been easier before. With its unintrusive design working in the background, it seems like magic.

Taggy Tagger is currently in public beta.
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As easy as turning on the lights.

With an intuitive interface to define which files should (or shouldn't) be tagged, it becomes incredibly easy to add tags to files. You only want to tag images? No problem. You want to tag files hidden deep in a dozen subfolders? Let Taggy Tagger do the digging. You want to do both in one go? Easy peasy. The app comes packed with a set of common rules to choose from, so you can immediately start tagging. All you have to do is flipping a switch.

Rule Editor

If tag then that.

Our innovative tagging engine puts your tags on steroids, so you can do more with them than just adding metadata to files. Automatically backing up your files to Dropbox or moving your files from the Downloads folder is just a tag away. Select any of your tags to create a file copy or file move action. Combined with the auto-tagging feature, you can fully automate your workflow. If Taggy Tagger then tagging becomes more enjoyable than ever.

Rule Editor

Tagged. Copied. Moved. Removed.

Taggy Tagger does four task exceptionally well. It tags files. It copies files. It moves files. It removes tags. All silently, while you can stay 'in the zone' and be focused. And if you ever want to know what it just did, it's right there in the menu bar. Whether it was one file or tens of thousands of files.

Rule Editor

Smart, real-time, effortless info.

Taggy Tagger gives you a glimpse of your tag usage right from the menu bar. See which tags are used the most and which aren't used at all. The information is updated in real-time, so you always have the most current state at your disposal. Now, finding those neglected, antiquated tags is an effortless task.

Rule Editor

Even more.

Multiple rules.

You can create and combine multiple rules, which gives you almost endless opportunities to work with Finder tags.

Manual batch-tagging.

Each rule can be manually executed anytime, so you can tag those thousands of files on your backup drive.

Group tags.

Finally, your tags can be put in order by sorting and categorising them into logical groups.

Add tags.

Create new Finder tags easily from within the app without having to go to Finder. (coming soon)

Dark mode.

Most apps list this as a major feature, so rest assured that Taggy Tagger has full dark mode support as well.

Smart tags.

For example, you can have your iCloud shared files automatically tagged, so you keep track of the files you've shared.


The app uses Apple's latest APIs and adheres to best practices like App Sandbox.

macOS Catalina.

Fully compatible with macOS Catalina and Mojave. High Sierra support is coming soon.

Support Indie Developers

TAGGY TAGGER is developed by Dennis Schäfer, an indie developer from Germany and founder of innovation design consultancy Fox+Rabbit Innovation Design.

He came up with the idea for the app while becoming frustrated using Finder tags on macOS. He occasionally publishes articles about his work and interests in his publication Creating the Unimagined on Medium.