Make tags work for you!

Managing your files got a lot easier and faster. Taggy Tagger can automatically tag and move files for you. Simply select a folder from Finder, add files and watch your tags appear and trigger actions. No need for complex rules or scripts. Just a switch.

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Automatically add tags to your files in selected folders. Learn more.

Rule Editor

Rule Editor

No complex rules. Just a simple switch to customise the tagging engine to your personal needs. Learn more

Action Tags

Action Tags

Let tags work for you by moving/copying files automatically to Dropbox, Box, One Drive or Google Drive. Learn more.

Tagging History

Tagging History

Quickly find files that were tagged recently. Learn more.

Clean up tags

Clean up tags

See at a glance which tags you are not using, so you can delete them. Learn more.

Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut

Simply select a folder in Finder and press ⌘+Shift+S to start auto-tagging.

Why get Taggy Tagger

Do you keep your files organised with Finder tags?

You know best how to use tags to organise your files. However, adding and removing them is a repetitive and tedious task. Wouldn't it be great, if Finder could remember that files in a particular folder should always have specific tags?

Do you frequently copy files from one folder to another?

Honestly, who doesn't? If you work with a computer, chances are high that you copy or move a lot of files. Most of the time the copy path for certain files repeats after a period of time. For example, look at your Downloads folder and think about how you manage its content. Wouldn't it be great, if Finder could remember that files with a specific tag should always be copied or moved to a particular folder?

Have you always wondered, how you could get the best out of using tags?

Tags are a great addition to file management, once you found your Holy Grail of tagging system. However, other than adding additional naming info, which you don't want to include in a folder or filename and letting you create smart folders, tags can't do much. Wouldn't it be great, if you don't have to think of a tagging system and Finder could just trigger actions for specific tags?

Do you wish there was a way to do all of the above automatically through a simple UI?


Built for macOS Mojave

Taggy Tagger is a status bar app built for macOS Mojave. It works with MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro® and iMac®.

Support Indie Developers

TAGGY TAGGER is developed by Dennis Schäfer, an indie developer from Germany and founder of innovation design consultancy Fox+Rabbit Innovation Design.

He came up with the idea for the app while becoming frustrated using Finder tags on macOS. He occasionally publishes articles about his work and interests in his publication Creating the Unimagined on Medium.